2nd trimester planning journal entry

I worked on planning out what steps we must take this trimester in order to be successful. My areas for growth include taking more risks when it comes to taking action. As well as balancing out the relationship between Jessica (Shanas mom) Shana, and I since we are friends but have to focus on completing tasks. Also working collaboratively since I’m sometimes not the best at teamwork since I like to be in charge majority of the time I could definitely be more open minded and let Shana take control as well. Our main goal for this project this trimester is to take our 11th grade class on a field trip to Canopy Pinilla before MUN starts. In order to reach this goal we must reflect on what we have completed and what we are struggling with as well as taking initiative when it comes to planning activities and meetings, since I am sometimes not the best at planning. For this week we had a meeting with Jessica and talked to her about transportation, how long it takes, how much money she wants, and how many times a month we can take kids to her business as well as how many. She answered majority of our questions however, recently Canopy Pinilla got scammed and their bank accounts were drained. Therefore Jessica explained to Shana and I that we have to wait a few weeks until they are able to get back on their feet before we take students over. In order to select kids to take to Canopy Therapy we will create a google form that they will have to fill out, Shana and I will look over it and use our previous knowledge on the students in order to select who gets to go and who needs it the most. 

We will first talk to Abel about what students he has noticed have been struggling. Have team building activities and de-stressing activities set up for once our project is in action. Such as a scavenger hunt, capture the flag, mandala painting/coloring, and meditation in nature. We want to be caring, creative, and understanding in order to create a safe and fun place for students to go and destress. Before being able to take our class to Canopy Pinilla we must first talk to Miss Amy about specific dates and of course run everything by Miss Kenya and get her approval. We will know we have been successful when we receive better grades and have taken our class on a practice run to canopy Pinilla. 

Created By: Shana&Caro, Pinilla/La paz

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