What Exactly Happened To The Avellanas Mangrove?

After the 7.6 earthquake in 2012 that struck Costa Rica, the level of the earth in Avellanas rose about one meter. With this change, less ocean water was entering the mangrove, making so that the river mouth of the estuary closed out and sand built up to the point of blocking it. Mangroves need a mix of sea and fresh water. Since the river mouth closed out, the mangroves were no longer receiving enough salt and with rain, they received too much fresh water. The water was stuck in there for months, which meant it was no longer oxygenated and the mangroves drowned and started drying

Worry not, we are here to help! We worked with professionals and Marine Biologists, and we are going to act! More on the next post…
#savetheplanet (at Playa Avellanas)

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