Goals For This Trimester

This trimester, we are really going to be focusing on new ideas on what can really make our youth center the best place to be. During the first trimester, everything was a little bit hectic due to the grand opening of Terraza, we didn’t have time to focus on what upcoming events or ideas to improve our youth center, but now that everyone is aware that there is a youth center, my job is to plan entertaining events and have the youth center project why it’s been created and the main purpose of it. Monday, January 14th, there will be a meeting between all the team members, this is where we are going to discuss what is going to happen next because we have all been away for the break, and we need to be updated by Ashley about the events that have occured during break such as the Luau Party, and what has happened over the break whether if it was successful or not, if it wasn’t, why wasn’t it? Do we need to market or advertise our center to catch the attention of our target clients? This meeting will be all about improvements and aspects that have been successful in the past that can be kept. One thing I have definitely realized that needs to be improved, is our marketing/advertising; a lot more people will show up to our youth center if we market our events in a more efficient manner and more regularly. There is so much going on in the community of Tamarindo, if our audience isn’t constantly reminded about Terraza, they will eventually be distracted by other activities in the community at a point where the youth center won’t be an option for our targeted audience to go to. Now that high season is over in Tamarindo, we need to focus on advertising our center every week not just for upcoming events but just for teenagers to come to our center to hangout because that’s the main reason our center is in the community for! Some of the following marketing strategies that could make our youth center successful are:

Targeting and positioning: The youth center should create a marketing strategy that makes the most of our strengths and matches them to the needs of the customers we want to target. The center should aim to sell to the market segments that will be most profitable for our business.

Marketing plan: Once we have decided on our marketing strategy, we need to outline a marketing plan that sets out how we intend to execute that specific strategy and evaluate the overall success.

Promotional Tactics: Once we have created your marketing strategy, we must then decide which marketing activity or activities will ensure our target market knows about the products or services we would offer, and why we meet our needs.


We don’t just want to improve our marketing skills but we want to show the community that our youth center is the place to be, it’s a safe environment, and it’s the place where parents can feel comfortable having their teenagers in! What we are marketing isn’t fake advertisement, we truly want to advertise what our youth center is, safe, entertaining, a place to meet new people and finally a location in which teenagers can hang out in their spare time.

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