31 January 2023

In what ways does your consciousness need to shift?


There are many ways in which my consciousness can shift, and it’s important for me to set habits that help me reach this goal. Being in a conscious state is extremely difficult, it’s hard to have full awareness daily with everything that can happen in a day. It’s even harder with distractions such as phones, people, and our own inner voice. In my life I feel like I need to make more space to stay in the moment and be grateful for that moment. I need to be more reflective with decisions I make that can either benefit me or can create a problem. I need to be more conscious about the things that I do and understand why I do them, the purpose and importance behind them. I have to identify my personal strengths, figure out how to emphasize them and use them daily. An aslo identify my weaknesses and how I can change these positively to help shift my consciousness.    


How does CAS help you with your version of shifting your consciousness?


CAS helps me shift my consciousness in multiple ways. For example, writing journal entries helps me gain a deep reflection on my actions and my goals, it makes me think critically about myself and helps reach my consciousness. CAS takes perseverance and commitment, and maintaining this is only possible if you are truly up to doing something that makes you grow and take risks. Learning how to initiate a project and undertake it with the challenges takes many levels of awareness from a person. So CAS helps me personally shift my consciousness since it makes me reflect on the community around me and how what I do affects them and vice versa. It helps me grow my perspective and engage the people that surround me.    


How does your project help students be less egocentric?


My project focuses on creating awareness on something valuable like art. By educating people around me and spreading that gratitude with others people learn to value the culture of art. It motivates others to engage on the project because it’s something that brings the community closer and spreads positivity.  


In what ways are you serving yourself with your project? Is that ok? 


My project affects me and the community of Elevate in a positive way by having the goal of improving and emphasizing dance around us. It is something that I spend ten hours a week doing and I am very grateful for, so personally working collaboratively with the studio makes me happy because I am doing something valuable for my artistic community. In this project we are using our creativity and our access to knowledge to help grow an artistic community that brings happiness to many members of the community we are a part of.  


What issue of global importance are you addressing and how can you reach out to others to support your efforts?


With our project we address the issue of the lack of resources for the artistic, in this case the dance community. Art is usually something that is unassessable, or when it is, it’s not something that is appreciated by everyone. It’s a sensitive community taht needs as much support as possible and mostly in the area we live in. There arent as many people in our community that form part of the dance community. People come and go and it’s hard to build a strong representation of our culture to the rest of our community. We want to let people know that our community is welcoming and that it’s extremely important for us, and most importantly change the way people treat art and teach them how valuable it is.   

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Spread & Support Art

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