Project Trimester Goals

I have various project goals for this trimester. On the schedule they will be listed as priorities. I need to get my video done, for which I already have the whole idea planned and have some time lapses of me sketching and drawing the designs. I already asked Miss Amy to borrow her camera and Dylan is going to very kindly let me borrow his camera battery. I still have to figure out the student that I am going to interview which is something that I need to have done by next week max. I need to email Mr. Abel and Ms. Amy to see when I can interview them for my video and other than that just film the rest which is mostly the kids participating, the surrounding of the school e.t.c. My next goal for this triester is to take the measurements of the girls. Marlen which is the tailor that is helping me with this whole project is already back from her vacation so the measurements could be done anytime she is available. I plan on getting that done around the next couple weeks but first I have to contact her to see which day works best for her. She is already aware of what the whole project is about nd she that I should just contact her for the measurement, time in advanced obviously because she is really busy with my mom’s work as well. Before Marlen comes in to take the measurements which I plan on having it be on a Wednesday because we have CAS at the end of the day so it is very convenient. This next goal I need to get going with; i need MONEY I still have the 140 dollars that I made with the bingo last trimester but I need to make a lot more fundraiser. With $140 I can buy a decent amount of fabric with, yet I am not sure that I can buy AlL of the fabric with this money in fact either way I need more money for the overall production of the show. I have to brainstorm more ideas for fundraisers that will get me a lot of money, but I don’t have to spend money on which is not always easy yet I have to get den quick because I have to also ask my mom when we can go to San Jose to buy the fabrics if not Liberia but I know that there are more options in San Jose. Lastly I want to give the girls some catwalk classes, my initial idea was to ask Lionel’s sister Sara (she’s a model) to help me with that I even got her contact, but unfortunately she was here over break and left so I wasn’t able to reach her but I have been watching many videos and most of the girls are in dance where we have to do a jazz walk which is similar to a runway so most of them know how to give attitude and confidence. I want to do thi someday after school with all the girls united and I can teach them with videos.
If I don’t have the scholarship student chosen before next week, then it will be too late to choose one, I will not have time to record the interview with patience and dedication, the video will fail and I will probably get like a 2 on it which is not something we are working towards to. This week I will schedule a meeting with miss Amy and show her my ideas of the students that I have in mind and then I will proceed to interview them.
If I don’t contact Marlen with anticipation she will most likely not have time and we will keep moving the date forward to the point where it never happens and again it will be too late sand I will also not be able to include those clips in the video.
If I don’t make more fundraiser, like right now I will have nowhere to get money or donations from and the show will never happen so I have to get on it. Also if I don’t have the fundraisers well planned then they are all just going to flop and not work nd I will not be able to by the fabrics .
Lastly if I don’t prepare the girls for the runway then the show will be a mess, they are going to have no idea of what to do and how to walk or just what is going to happen so I have to communicate with them how I’m planning the show to go down so that it can be successfully completed.

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