There is something different this trimester. The first trimester was a great one in CAS I felted motivated, happy and I knew why I decided to create this project. For Earth University. But, these second-trimester things have changed, and they mostly concentrated on my motivation to do this project. I guess it’s something every person goes through, something that is very hard to solve and makes you think about it every single minute of the day. I am afraid of making a bad decision on what I want for my life in the future. Primarily at first, I wanted to go to Earth University one of the best university for agriculture engineers, and up to date its one of my options. And it is one of the primary motivation for my CAS project, but, it’s not my dream or maybe it is but I don’t know it yet. My dream is to be a pilot, that’s it I am honest, there is something in aviation that just captures me, since the first step on a plane, I knew that was what I wanted to do in my life. And now that the moment of choosing my future is coming I am confused and trying to make the best decision. And this is the reason why I was not concentrated on the project during the summer.

Even thou I am going through this process I can`t leave my project in the back, many people have trusted me and helped me with many things that are making this project possible. And before I actually start with what this journal entry should be about, I just wanted to tell you guys that I am going to work very hard on this project, I will work harder than last trimester because CAS is important for me and for the community. Let’s start!


There are many goals I want to accomplish with this project, and the following list describes it.

Long term goals

help the community: On the last journal entries, I already wrote that I want the community to have a space where they can develop and practice agriculture, which is very important.

Help myself: Earth is still one of my options and having a project this big can help me a lot when a make my application.

Short Term Goals: (On the project building)

-Finish all the system and start production this trimester.

-Paint and cover the greenhouse to protect production from insects and other possible pests.

These are my goals, they are not a lot but they are big.

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