New Year Work

For this year and the following ones we have many goals for Proyecto Vida Mujer such as:

Final study on the emotional and physicual of the begignign participantse and the docors. (January)

Presentation of the results report of the pilot project, the testimonies (videos) and the project manual Vida Mujer (for replication in different NGOs) are presented to the women leaders table (government and political sector, business sector and NGO sector), with the support of Voces Vitales Costa Rica. Special attention to low-income women without access to the CCSS because they are excluded from the public system of sexual and reproductive health. February 2019

Dissemination of the videos of education, promotion, awareness in all media and social media (October 2018 in Guanacaste and March 2019 in the other areas of the country)

Eight hundred women receive insertion of the IUD in 6 regions (San Jose, Guanacaste, Limon, and Puntarenas) in coordination with different NGOs. (April to October 2019)

Study of the emotional and physical wellbeing of the 800 participating women (each NGO or institution conducts the standardized interview during the year 2018, always three months after the insertion day of the copper t)

You may be asking yourself what will I be doing at this point, well I will be hopefully branching a smaller portion of this project into high schools. It is my goal to be able to teach these goals from a young age their options and to have them be able to make a change and inspire and share their knowledge with others. Although this may seem a little unrealistic and large I hope that I will be able to do this.

This year I am going to make sure always to keep an active role in the project, doing whatever I can do to help and following Laeti’s orders. If I do not do this, I will face the consequences such a losing my place in this project because every little task is so important.

So my plan to stay active is; following my jobs, complete them right as they are assigned, always ask for help if it’s not clear and make sure I am working to the best of my abilities. I will push myself and still, make sure that I have a balance that lets me feel comfortable and motivated. ‚Äč

Created By: Alexa Toman, Costa Rica

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