Personal Growth And Terraza

For this trimester the main objective that we want to fulfill is to not only make our youth center recognized within the community but as well as we want the youth center to be a place in which people shouldn’t feel obligated to go to when there are entertaining events. As a team we always try to reach the goal of our mission statement which is to “Provide an environment where teenagers feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe.”; this our goal but now we need to be able to fulfill it, and how are we going to do this? We need to make sure to find a way for our youth center to be recognized, and some ideas aren’t just advertising it on social media but as well as print a few posters and post them around in different communities; another idea to have our youth center be recognized is going around to different hotels within Tamarindo and let them know about our youth center so they can pass on the information to their clients (tourists). Advertising is one way of fulfilling our goals but as well as reflecting through journal entries is what really helps me motivate myself to reach those objectives, such as future goals that could be possibly applied to Terraza, reflecting and writing about it, is what will make the future goal arrise. Reflecting not just upon future goals for the center but about learning outcomes and areas of growth will then mirror on to the center, no improvement can be made until you put yourself into a positive mindset and dedicate yourself for what you want to achieve. A personal statement that I have written is what keeps me driven to make the center a better place, writing about myself might seem a little egocentric but reflecting about the challenges and objections throughout the making of this project in journal entries is what has not only made me grow but the team grow into mature and time-managed individuals. I have participated and volunteered when it came to working with younger kids for example in La Paz, in my business class I’m in the process of working with the 2nd graders in a project in which we reduce plastic by using packaging used at the store to create sustainable items. In the past, I have participated in a CAS project, by teaching younger kids about different cultures and languages so they can get an idea of what our world is made up of. In general, I have worked with younger kids in multiple projects and it’s definitely a strength of mine when it comes to teaching younger kids and being part of project that involve helping, teaching and taking care of younger kids. Having experience working with kids and teenagers is what makes this project ideal for my teammates and I. Working individually has always been something I have relied on during my life and never enjoyed working collaboratively with others, and never thought of doing a CAS project in a group but when this idea had been proposed to me which I remember vividly, I was sitting in a room at school next to one of my classmates which she is now part of this project, Miss Amy Jacobs had come up to us and said very quietly, what do you guys think of creating an amazing youth center in the community of Tamarindo; at the time this youth center had already been an idea but hadn’t been created or known by anyone. When Miss.Amy had mentioned this idea, I was excited about it and knew it was going to be successful despite the amount of work that had to be put into this center. I am so grateful to have been educated and taught on how to create a business as successful as the youth center as well as learning on how to grow as a person through self reflection with the use of weekly journal entries and a personal statement for myself! Once all these necessary and useful tasks come together they pay off in so many different ways and end up being worth it for the youth center and myself.

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