Area Of Growth

This week has been challenging in many aspects. Especially in the organization and planning part of our projects. However, it has also been hard to communicate and elaborate on all our ideas and this is an area of growth for Ashley and I. We are both great at organizing and solving problems, but when it comes to communicating all our ideas it is difficult. Ashley and I have always tried to take risks and worked towards making this a strength. This week had to do with planning, organizing but also communicating with the community and other members of the project. Regarding our Yearbook project, we had to communicate via email with all the administrators and Jenna to coordinate picture day, as well as announcing to the community that we are searching for new members that are willing to help us. Communicating with the administrators was challenging because we had to figure out which days worked for each Casa and at the end, we had to start organizing from scratch because Jenna´s assistant wasn´t available for that day. This upcoming week, we will communicate with the administrator again and figure out which days work the best. Whereas the Boston Exchange Project, we have to do a lot of communicating with Willa and Mileidy because we want as much advice and help as possible with this project, before they graduate. Ashley and I have had many meetings to plan and organize our first event to fundraise money and have also spoken to the yearbook committee to ask for their support in this event. We are planning to start by organizing a money night and continue to think of ambitious events for later on this trimester. We also spoke to the school president Bernabe and he is willing to donate money, he is just waiting to hear back from the rest of the political party. As can be seen, we have done a lot of communicating this week and even though it is an area of growth for both Ashley and me, we manage to improve together as we go and progress in this long journey that is CAS.

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