Area For Growth

I have been trying to stop procrastinating, but this week I just couldn’t help myself. There is the part of my brain that keeps telling me “GET TO WORK! DON’T LET IT PILE UP!”, but then there is the other side that just says “Nah bro, chill you got time.” but the thing is that I don’t have time. If I let it all pile up then I won’t have time to do it all properly, and then I’ll get bad grades. I try to listen to the smart part of the brain, the rational one, that tells me to get the work done now and relax later, but I’m losing. I need to start listening, and getting past the lies of my lazy self. I need to grow as a person that knows when it’s time to work, and when it’s time to play. I need to start acting like a proper, responsible student, and get my work done when it’s assigned, or work on it progressively, so that I don’t leave it for the last day. This is an area which I can work on to grow as a person and student.

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