A Challenge I’m Having

A challenge I’m currently facing through my website building process is that I keep needing to find a work around for some of the processes that Laetitia wants on the website. For example, normally you can go to paypal.com and there is a tool that you can use to get a button that links to a paypal account that you can set. It makes it really easy for people to give money via paypal, but unfortunately it wasn’t working for me. I was forced to find a work around, which I accomplished by setting up a link for the CEPIA paypal, and then pasting an image of the paypal donate button. I then hyperlinked the paypal account and it works just the same. Another challenge I’m currently facing is figuring out how to display the images that Laetitia would like on the website. Because of the format of the website that the current images are on, this makes it difficult to add them to the current website. My solution for this was basically the same as my other paypal problem, I’m going to put the links for the websites that they are on attached to one of the best images from that site. These problems, along with the previous, have allowed me to grow through my finding my own solutions when things don’t work out (which they rarely do.)

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