Decision Making

I have many challenges with making decisions and now that I have finished my first project it’s time for me to make a big decision. I have been contemplating whether or not to take on a large project that I think will make an amazing impact or a much smaller one that won’t stress me out. This week I have talked to friends, family, teachers and other members of the community asking them what they think because I can make a decision to save my life. Lucky after watching a video in CAS I made the decision, I’m going to take on the big project and accept that I might be stressed and this class is worth only one point but the impact I make with the project is worth so much more than that. I love helping the community and I want to do everything in my power to have a positive impact on our world. Plastic has always been something that my parents have talked about. Since we moved to Costa Rica my parents have showed me hundreds of videos about the negative effects. A couple of years ago two La Paz students started eco bricking at our school. This was an amazing project. I wanted to help this spread. I had heard an idea about this project a couple of years ago when I was speaking to a La Paz parent. She had the brilliant idea to make a machine that could stuff mass amounts of eco bricks in order to speed up the process. So I overcame my challenge of decision making and I decided that for the next 15 months I want to make this machine and help others around the world create it in order to minimize the amount of plastic in our oceans. Through this decision I have grown and stepped out of my comfort zone. I have committed to trying my hardest to make this succeed and hopefully start a chain reaction that helps wake up the world.

Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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