Wonderment Clean Up/ My Process Shown On The Website

My objective, as written on the website is to empower children to express themselves, and to not be afraid to show their own style; at the same time I am helping their education by supporting the scholarship program with all of the funds gathered from the fashion show. I want to set an example for future generations, to show them that a CAS project doesn’t necessarily have to help the community economically. We can also help them develop their creativity and mindset as I am working on doing and hopefully can complete successfully. Other things that I am looking forward on getting out of this project is independence, since I have to do everything there are offocurse people along the way that will support me and the project; but things like asking for donations, conferences, emails, phone calls, money… I have to do by myself and I think that will help me in a really positive way to interact with others, as well as help my communication skills tremendously. My mission statement is “ Organizing a teen fashion show with self designed, style empowering outfits; all funds recollected will go to the La Paz Community School scholarship program to help students from different communities have an education.” Which connects back to my mission statement, because I don’t only want to support the scholarship program and help other kids from different communities have an education, but I want to do this in an enjoyable way that also promotes creativity, confidence and self love. My personal statement I basically talk about dance because it is a big part of my life mot of my days consist of 7 hours of school 4 hours of dance and about 3 to 5 hours of homework and school work (3 hours is a really good day by the way). So clearly I need many skills to go through my day, I do a lot of time management which is a skill that I’ve developed over the years especially the past 2 with school because I fortunately turn in all my assignments on time and do well in all of my classes, but for my CAS project I need all the skills that I need for my everyday and MORE. I am a really creative person which goes along with this project nicely, since the whole project is based on fashion design and color, textures, patterns and such. I also need patience, perseverance, consistent, tolerance, commitment, motivation, positivity, i need to be a quick thinker, analyze situations, problem solver. I need a lot of skills not just for my project but for CAS and life in general. I am slowly developing each and everyone of these with the help of my teachers at school, my parents guidance and CAS in general the class itself teaches you a lot. Moving forward I am looking to achieve all of these and I think I am on the right track. My entries, budget and planning all include parts of the process of this journey that I am working through. My entries show everything about me, break, my project, my family and such. My budget shows me and sticks to my brain as steps that I am climbing up a ladder and each one I step get me a step closer to my goal which is the fashion show and my planning is kind of what helps me move on to the next step; because I clearly can’t do it all at once, it takes planning and it takes patience but I believe in myself and in members of my community that can help me achieve my goal.

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