Learning Leads To Success

This week has been a little hectic due to the Bingo Event that took place at the youth center on saturday the 26th. The event in general was very successful but very rushed due to the act of procrastination. Procrastination is something that shouldn’t become a habit especially when your managing a business because you can get a bad reputation for being an unorganized business as well as bad time management can lead to failure within your business. Despite the success and diverse environment during bingo night, the way it was planned wasn’t as efficient as it should of been such as asking for donations for prizes wasn’t done in an effective manner and was completed 2 days before the event which isn’t an acceptable timing to ask for donations. As well as, everything was done on the day of meaning, cleaning and getting the materials was done on the day of leading us to having a large amount of work that has been left till the end leaving us vulnerable. Procrastination is definitely something, as a team, need to prevent from doing because it doesn’t just affect the amount of work stacking up on one and the other but it can affect our reputation. Another area for growth is communication with the outside team members meaning the team members that aren’t in the school. There has been a lack of communication between the team members within the school community and the team members in the outside community and this has lead to some tension and doubt between each other whether who has completed the necessary jobs? Has anyone done this or that? This isn’t efficient enough?!?! Etc….. This lack of communication hasn’t made our youth center a better place it has made a space of stress and chaos which defeats the purpose of Terraza, we want the youth center to be a place in which teenagers can enjoy themselves through relieving stress and have a balance. If we can’t have this within our team than it won’t be possible for the youth center to be the vision statement that we want to portray for our community. Our work reflects our personality and work ethic; Finally one of the last elements that needs to be taken care of is the ages that are allowed to participate in the YOUTH center, meaning terraza is a place for teenagers only not older and not younger. This is a problem we’ve had during the bingo night event, adults had tried to participate during the event when clearly Terraza is a place for youth only, for teenagers to be away from their parents or adults in general, teenagers need to come together and have a time to themselves while entertaining themselves without people their own ages. All these different elements has left us vulnerable multiple times but after every event we host at terraza we keep learning and growing as individuals leading to new learning outcomes for our team, and with those learning outcomes we then apply it to our youth center which leads to success.

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