Areas For Growth

‘’Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.’’ (Brené Brown)
In projects like the ones Ashley and I are taking lead in courage is the key. Vulnerability is just another challenge we face day by day, but that gives us the courage to continue working towards success. We are constantly fighting against it and this makes us better people because we try and give it our all to overcome the challenges. Now, this process makes us stronger and more reflective people. However, we still have many areas of growth that we could strengthen as we continue this roller coaster ride that is CAS. In the yearbook project, some areas for growth are communication, we manage to do this well, but can find ways to better communicate with the staff members and Jenna. We are improving this by meeting with Miss. Kerry to establish and work on days and small projects relating to the yearbook, and have the staff know it with anticipation. We can also be more proactive, start working each day after school at least get 1 page done so that our job is easier at the end. We are improving this by working every day in collecting photos, working on titles for pages and backgrounds.n Furthermore, we could strengthen the organization of our time, because we haven’t really noticed how fast time passes by and need to start getting things done with the yearbook. Which is why we are starting to have 2 meetings a week, to get the committee to help as much as possible. Whereas for the Boston-Exchange project there are many areas for growth, for example, the planning and organization part of it. Ashley and I were brainstorming ways to raise the money and to obtain donations from members of the community. Nevertheless, we still need to develop a much organized and thorough plan for our events. We could also improve our communication skills and remind Willa and Mileidy to connect us to Abby Erdman. We have been talking to them about the project and figuring out which events to do. They suggested doing a bingo with parents which we will consider. Lastly, we need to improve insufficiency and taking action, we need to start finding and asking parents for donations. We need to start taking action in our ideas. We already did take action with the president Bernabe and asked the political party for a donation to our project and we will soon be receiving the response from them.
Even though we understand and try our best to make both of these projects happen, there are times where we feel stressed and overwhelmed because maybe we plan things and they didn’t go how we wanted them to. So we have to change them and find a solution to the problem. Even in these moments of unrelenting stress, we still manage to find a way out of it, and that’s what I admire of us both.

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