Vulnerability And How Our Project Can Grow.

When prompted to think of a time I felt vulnerable in this project, I had a really hard time finding out. The everything always runs smoothly and according to plan in the end, so I really couldn’t pick one… And then I realised. I dug deep into my clouded sub conscious mind, and, ignoring all the weird stuff I saw there, I found it. A little fear that I didn’t realise was there before, lodged in my brain ever since. This little hairy creature, if I was to describe it, was the feeling of impotence.

It took me way less philosophising to figure out why the damn thing was there: We’re dealing with nature; There’s only so much mere humans can do. We can set the Mangroves up for success, sure, but whether or not they prosper depends completely on uncontrollable variables. Sun, Rain, Climate Change, Natural Disasters… I always feel a bit tiny whenever I’m working on this project. I feel like instead of leading a bold movement to help the environment, I’m just… helping a little bit, running errands if you will- for this enormous deity that we call nature. I just feel a bit powerless, that’s all…

But that’s why we are working on this aspect too. A good part of this feeling of “I’m not helping enough” comes from the small scale at which we act. In our next event, we are considering bringing kids from other Provincias, to expand the scope of our project to more than just the Avellanas Mangrove. If we spark the desire to change in kids’ hearts, who knows how far this project will echo into the world; how many mangroves it will help, and, most importantly, how many people are going to be deeply affected and changed by the movement, much like I was? So really, that’s our area to work on: Ambition. We have been doing great on this small scale, but what lasting impact will this effort have if we don’t put everything we can offer?

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