There are many areas of growth that must be improved when it comes to both of our CAS projects. Melanie and I are still adjusting to being in charge of something as big and important as the yearbook is and something that takes a lot of hard work and dedication as the Boston Exchange program. These are two very different projects, where one consists of more fundraising and being proactive while the other consists of more communication and teamwork. As I mentioned before, communication is something that we are truly trying to improve especially with the yearbook because its a project that even though it takes about one trimester to complete it, we still have to communicate with many members of the community to be able to succeed at the end. For example, we need to be consistently informing the yearbook committee of all the things that have to get done every week and for the past few weeks we have been having to communicate with Genna, Miss. Kerry and the rest of the administration to figure out everything involving picture day. Now we have to continue using our communication skills to start selling ads for the yearbook to local businesses in order for us to make some money that will be used for paying the Pictavo inscription, hopefully lowering the price of the yearbook and providing help to students that aren’t able to buy their own. In order to continue working on our communication we are hoping to have yearbook committee meetings at least twice a week in order to start getting things done faster. Now, for the Boston Exchange project we are well aware that we need to be very proactive and start planning/organizing more often this project. We know that we have to start having some small and big events to start making profit and even getting donations from our community. We have started as we already brainstormed and have an idea of what we want to organize such as movie nights and a bingo for parents, but we have to start the actual planning of these events. Lastly, we need to continue communicating with Willa and Mileidy in order for us to start getting more involved with the project, for example introducing ourselves to Abby Erdmann (the leader of Cepia and the one who helped them last year) and getting to know more about them. We really need to improve on being proactive because it’s not that we don’t do anything, but we aren’t taking action on the bigger aspects of these projects that have to be taken care of. However that will and has been changing as we first asked for Bernabe and his political party to makes a donation to us, even though we still have to hear back from them. We also asked Willa to send us the format of the ads in order for us to start selling them to the community and now we just have to get it from her to start this next step of the yearbook project. This start of the trimester for me has been very overwhelming for me because taking into consideration that we have the rest of our school life to worry about and the fact that we have to take care of two very important projects, you can feel very stressed but thats why Melanie and I decided to collaborate on this journey, in order for us to each help each other. I feel that after we finish with Picture Day and then with the two videos of these two projects which has been taking a lot of time from us, I feel that we will be able to give our complete attention to what has to get done. All these factors have had an impact on our progress, making us feel very vulnerable, but then we both find a way to take this feeling as a source of encouragement to continue achieving what we want to achieve, while reflecting on all the ways that we can improve not just as a team but as individuals that are trying to leave a mark on the lives of our community.

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