For Melanie and I, this week has been full of challenges and many areas that we have to work on. Regarding the yearbook, the main challenge that we are currently having is the planning of the picture day, along with the communication that goes with it. During the week, we’ve had to communicate with Genna the photographer and the all the administrators via email. This has been a challenge because every teacher has some days that work and that don’t work for them to do the picture day and Genna is currently missing her assistant so she had to postpone the first date that we had established. Now, we have been talking a lot and it’s finally coming to an agreement but this week we still have to make sure that the days that we chose are the best to do it. Apart from this, we had to announce during morning meeting that we were looking for students to join the committee as we will be needing as much help as possible. Overall for Melanie and I, it’s been easy discussing about our projects, getting to plan events/activities, however, we do have to work on communicating and getting all of our ideas into action, along with taking more and more risks that will eventually help us with these two projects. Now, onto the Boston Exchange project, we have faced some small challenges. The first one was that we didn’t know exactly how to start, not just the progress in general, but the fundraising that goes into it. We decided that we will be needing to make small meeting with Mileidy and Willa in order to get as much advice and help from them before they leave as they already went through this entire process. They told us that we must start planning some small and big events that will provide us as much money as possible. Melanie and I, started brainstorming some ideas along with the yearbook committee because we asked them if they wanted to help and support us, and they were more than glad to do so. We decided that we will be starting with a movie night and from that, continue on planning more ambitious events that will make us hopefully a lot of money. Lastly, our previous school president was willing to donate to us the remaining money that they had as a political party, now he just has to meet with the rest of his team to discuss this. These past days have been very challenging, especially for having two very big and important projects, but I am so happy that i’m doing this as it’s helping me learn to be a multitasker and not get overwhelmed with all that has to be done, because at the end of the day, I know that Melanie and I are capable of achieving our CAS goals and we will continue to work as hard as possible in order to achieve them.

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