Reflecting And Planning

Last trimester we had a very successful start to our yearbook project. We had some girls that wanted to join the committee, we started our meetings, we discussed what our role was and what had to be done, we fundraised some money to pay for the inscription of Pictavo and to pay for scholarship students, we created everyones accounts and we are ready to start creating this year’s yearbook. The fundraising events that we made consisted on selling candy grams to Chirripo and Tenorio students and the other event was the Dodgeball tournament in which tenorio and chirripo students algo got to participate. This was a good way for us to understand how much work and effort has to be put into this project. So this upcoming trimester, we will be encouraging more students to join our committee because currently we only have 5 girls, and we will be needed a few more hands to help us with creating the yearbook. Before the end of last trimester, we assigned each one of them 2 pages which they will be in charge of creating and finding all the photos necessary. This will help us start creating the yearbook as each one of them already knows what to do. Something we really need to start thinking about is selling ads to the community, so we already know that we have to announce in community meeting, families of La Paz facebook page and the weekly mail, that way we get more people to buy them. Melanie and I know that this is a crucial part to fundraising the rest of the money that we need for this project, which is why we will be meeting with Willa for her to help us. We will also need to sit down with her to teach us how to make the portraits format of the yearbook because it’s really complicated but apart from that, we know that we are capable of achieving this project and effectively creating it, with a lot hard work and effort. Lastly, we have not forgotten about the Boston exchange program. We had a rough start we some miscommunication, but this hasn’t affect our motivation to continue this project that Willa and Mileidy started. Since we officially started fundraising for the yearbook and are familiar with what has to be done to efficiently fundraise money, we feel that we are ready to think way bigger. For this project, we need to raise a lot of money and we know that it’s possible if we work really hard and try our best. We will be doing movie nights, but also other events that involve the entire community. Melanie and I talked about this project and we know that we have to start off by introducing ourselves to Cepia and Abby Erdman, learn more details about this project in order to be very prepared and to let them know that we will be continuing this project next school year and are very excited to be doing this.

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