What Am I Proud Of ?

This week I accomplished many things for which I would say I’m proud of. My main one revolves around dance, last saturday our new Jazz dance teacher Nikki came from the states. She’s staying with us for a while because she is also my Jazz competition choreographer. I learned the teen Jazz group dance and I felt super confident about it; the level of our group was beyond excellent, considering we hadn’t taken classic Jazz in about a year. I felt super confident and proud of myself not only because I kept my level, but I realized my turns where really good and I was doing about 3 which I was really proud of. Then on monday I had technique classes and I also did pretty well, which I was extremely proud of because I thought I was going to do worse but I didn’t and in some of the exercises I felt really comfortable, even more than other exercises that I do daily. Overall I am really proud of myself and will keep working hard.

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