Something I’m Proud Of

Something I’m proud of is the fact that I participated in the running part of a triathlon in the beginning of the month, and the reason that I’m proud of this in particular is because I spent 5 weeks running every other day. During the triathlon, I ran my fastest time running that kind of long distance goal, and overall my team beat the teachers, which may or may not have been our goal as a team. (Sorry Miss Amy.) It also motivated me and gave me a real reason to train, and now that it is over, I’m starting to train for the next one in May, which is a shorter triathlon, however I plan to do the whole thing along with a couple of friends. During this journey of training, there were a lot of times when it would have been easy to ‘cheat,’ or not run the full distance that I didn’t want to because I was tired, but this training also made me realize how important it is that you stay honest to your goals. Because I was pushing myself and forcing myself to train even when I didn’t want to, it definitely showed during the triathlon with my time, which was 4th fastest among the relevos (groups). I would say that this experience really showed me what I can do with my body with proper training, and it has made me want to continue to train and improve myself until I can run a full triathlon on my own.

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