One Small Success, One Great Feeling Of Pride

I’m someone that likes to feel very proud and happy of my own achievements in my personal and academic life, and there has definitely been many things that i’m really proud of in recent years. However, recently I felt proud of the small achievement I had in biology class. This subject has never been one of my best classes but I do always try to do well and get good grades. Throughout this trimester we were learning about the immune system, more specifically the defense against infectious diseases along with the respiratory system and the gas exchange process. These are really complex topics that require a lot of attention and clarification in order to have an exemplary understanding of it. Something about me is that even though I can be inactive during some classes, I will be still paying lots of attention to the teacher and the explanation provided about the specific topic. So because I’m always paying close attention, I tend to understand things quickly and this is what happened for the topics that I mentioned before. Also it’s something that is really interesting to learn about. The point is that because of this, for the final exams of these topic, I ended up getting a really good grade for both of them which made me feel extremely happy and proud, as I haven’t gotten the opportunity to get really high grades in biology exams. For the immune system test I got 24 out of 24 points which in IB scores it would be a 7 (highest you can get) and for La Paz its a 4. Then for the other one I got a 29 out of 30 points, IB 7 and La Paz a 3,8. I did feel like I did a decent job in these tests but once I got them back I was never expecting to get exemplary grades, and eventually it helped me get a 4 in my overall grade for the class. I don’t feel proud just because of the grade I got, but also the fact that even though i’ve never been confident in biology class, I got to prove myself that I am capable of doing well in this subject, and at the same time being able to enjoy what I am learning. Overall, I am really proud of my academic achievements for this first half of the trimester, and I will keep working hard to continue this, especially in the classes that i’m not that confident about.

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