Our First Log!

Hello everyone and welcome to our very first blog post! I am here to give you an update of what has been happening at Snack Shack! Our operations team is currently working on a killer plan to release a new option of a filling, delicious, fresh snack: smoothies! Our team worked very well on brainstorming new ideas and coming up with new flavors we are sure all of our customers will enjoy. It is also possible that we will have a special theme for the month of November that will bring a few drool-worthy foods to our store! Our entire class has been using a great deal of integrity, which is a fantastic improvement and is truly bringing us together.

With the smoothies, it was a wonderful sight to see our operations team working together on their ideas. They started with a small idea of bringing the smoothies to the school, but not much knowledge on how it would play out. They began with deciding what kind of fruits and bases they would like to use. There were some conflicts that they worked through, and it was great to watch them having fun! They continued to figure out how to bring in all of the ingredients and materials needed, how they would make them in a timely manner, and even had time to come up with fun flavors that related to the teachers at our school! Some of these smoothies included: Crazy Kenia, a smoothies made with lemonade and mint, Zesty Zuniga, which contains strawberry, mango juice, and banana, and finally, a Sassy Sean, which has acai, banana, and strawberry. Kudos to our operations team on carrying out this wonderful idea!

Our class is a group of risk takers. We are trying new things and going crazy with new ideas. This is one of our greatest strengths but our weakest is communicating. We have certainly had some issues when it comes to communicating, many mistakes have been made and we are slowly learning from them. We are working on building some synchronization between us that will put us together as one, instead of many different, disconnected thoughts that do not have a set plan. Once we get this flaw figured out, I believe we will have an extremely strong team!

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