Possibly Getting Into Hl Math On Pamoja

A week ago on Friday, I took an entrance exam to get into HL Math for Pamoja. I did this, because I enjoy math a lot, and I’m very good at it too. I also did it because I need HL Math to get into the Computer Science schools I am looking into, and since my school doesn’t give HL IB Math, this was the only option. There were a lot of things that I didn’t know, because we didn’t study them in school, but I felt pretty confident in what I did know, and how I did. I had to fill out a survey as a part of the test, that asked me about my Math Life, how I felt about parts of the test, what I studied, what I didn’t study etc. They still haven’t answered, but when they do, I’m hoping for an affirmative.

Uploaded To: Math Addict

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