During the process of creating this large project, a lot of different elements had to be taken into consideration when it comes to working with a team and collaboratively. One of the crucial aspects of this project that truly surprised and inspired me was the wonderment team. In general, the wonderment team has not only just helped us tremendously but shows what commitment and working in a team is truly about; they have chosen to support projects that are in need for help to succeed, and that is what has truly inspired me to move forward. The wonderment took there time from their busy schedule to come to costa rica and spend time with us, learn and support our project to give us the support we need so we can give back an effective project to the community. The ideologies and ideas that the wonderment have are truly inspiring and they have not only educated our community but have educated me on the importance of working collaboratively and listening to others when it’s necessary. Some of the elements that were disappointing were the arguments that I would get into with one of my partners within this project: Jade. Despite the good friendship we have, we would tend to disagree over aspects or ideas we’ve both wanted to apply to the project but wouldn’t like each other’s ideas for example the colour of the youth center, we both wanted different colours because we we both liked different things and thought differently and this would lead to fight/arguments but towards the end, the one thing that would get us through the harsh arguments would be: breathing and reflecting. At times when we would argue about elements we both didn’t agree on, we would take a step back, breathe and reflect on what would this decision effective. Despite the arguments that we would both have, we always ended up finding a way to resolve our differences. Once again, working collaboratively was never something that I enjoyed doing due to the independence I hold on to, so working with others and learning on how to team build took time for me to adapt to as well as educating myself on how it’s ok when others don’t accept your ideas. All these different aspects allowed me to grow as an individual and learn to become more successful not to make me upset or frustrated. I am so very grateful that I’ve gone through all these aspects during the creation of this project as well meeting the wonderment and introducing them to the terraza was probably one of the optimum choices that terraza could ever have.

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