I recently started my project and so far it has been a whole lot of brainstorming. I haven’t involved many parties yet due to the stage of the project but the ones that I have so far have been nothing but wonderful. I spoke to my CAS teacher, Amy and we had a quick meeting about all the different ways this project could go adn to what extent I wanted to expand the project. I have spoken to the Wonderment about how I can market my prophet and demonstrate to the world what I am doing and how they can help in an effective manner. I have spoken to Debbie Raisner about ways to build the project. Lastly, I have spoken to my peers about their opinions on what I am trying to achieve. All of these people have done nothing but surprise and support me with their wonderful ideas, supportive words, constructive criticisms and words of wisdom. I am sure that later in the project when more people become involved there may be hiccups but i believe that due to the nature of the project and the importance that it is completed in an effective manner everyone will do their part and work effectively. This week I made an amazing discovery about this team of entrepreneurs who have created a machine that cuts plastic into small flakes. This may seem like something minor but they have provided the price to build it, how to build it, and how it works. This is the first step in our ecobrick machine, getting the plastic into a reasonable size. From here we can do so many things. This is super exciting because it’s moving forward and demonstrates that this is a possibility.

Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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