Working Collaboratively

I have worked with Shari a lot with this project. At the end of 10th grade, we talked a lot about what the Dog Training Park should have, and ideas on how to get them. We walked through the area that I want to build my Dog Training Park on, and talked about the challenges, what should be done, different ways to incorporate the community etc. She has been nothing but helpful and supporting of me and my project. She is the person who I learned everything about dog training from. I trained my dog with her, and we are good friends. I asked her about how she treats her wood, where she got her equipment and such. I interviewed her for my project, and she helped me film my video. She has been such a supporting figure that helped me figure a lot of things out and inspired me to actually make a Dog Training Park as during her after school activity we were in a small place where she brought her training gear. She has been a great influence on my and my dog’s life and it is thanks to her that Chloe is as awesome as she is.

Uploaded To: DOG BARK

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