How The Co-leader Of Our Project Inspires Me On A Daily Basis.

So here’s the deal. Rochelle and I lead the project together. But, if you really look at it, she ends up taking a bigger weight of the work. Our nursery is in her backyard, and she grew up on the Mangrove. Because of this, she assumes a bigger, more proactive role, even though on paper we co-lead the project as equals. Now, this is not to say I’m not involved in the project; in fact this comes to show just how much this means to her. I love this project, I really do, but it just kinda pales in comparison to Rochelle’s absolute devotion to this endeavour.

Whenever we are working on the project, I can feel the literal zest that exudes from her. I can tell just how much it means to her. And that pushes me to care more for it than I ever thought I would. And I actually think that is an incredibly important characteristic for a project like this; I always say that one of our main goals is to spread awareness and get people to care for the Mangrove. Rochelle’s contagious enthusiasm and love for nature affects all of us, and pushes us to be better, more caring versions of ourselves. I saw that happen with me after only a few months of working together, so I believe with her help, we can get people to learn to love the Mangrove just like I did.

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