Working Collaboratively

Someone that surprised me during my project was Ananda who is a 12th grader she is not helping me with my upcoming fundraiser which is a bingo mixed with spirit week. I was initially only going to ask her for help as the MC during the bingo, yet she turned out ot be super interested on helping me. She is AWESOME when it comes to organizing fundraising events, she is helping my classmate Sam with his upcoming fundraiser as well. It was super convenient because i was talking to her and then Miss Kerry (our english teacher who also approves or disapproves events) was passing by and heard us talking. We all figured out a date and now Ananda and i just have to figure out logistics, brainstorm more ideas for the spirit week the different options for people to dress up. We already have an idea of the price and I have a bingo name so we are on the right track to success. Someone who inspires me is my mom, she’s taught me to always work hard and though this is quite a hard project i always remind myself to keep going and she always pushes me to do my best.

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