Personal Growth And Terraza

As an individual I always seek to grow as a person, whether it’s mentally or psychologically to provide love for myself and provide love for the people that surround me. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing it’s actually crucial to the growth of an individual, it is fully impossible to treat others right if you don’t treat yourself correctly. How can you love others when you don’t love yourself first? There are different ways and extents of being selfish but caring about yourself and putting yourself first in some situations is definitely not one of them. During this CAS project, it has taught so much more than I expected, compassion, commitment, dedication, and independence. This project was all about giving back to the community and providing the community with something that was crucial to improving our teenage environment which is the complete opposite of being egocentric or selfish, but surprisingly from the creation and process of this project, I’m the one that was gifted with the learning outcomes that I’ve inherited through the making of this project such as communication, I’ve learned on how to communicate effectively with my team members because in the past I’ve always considered myself as an independent individual and never knew how to communicate efficiently with others but working as a group with others has allowed me to grow in that era which I am extremely grateful about. As well as gaining the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that have taught me how to grow, this project was always aimed at helping others and our community to culturally grow their mindsets by meeting others but the tables have turned meaning this project has not only benefited the community but has benefitted the growth of my mentality and my mindset by opening my mind and accepting the mistakes I’ve made and grow as a least egocentric human being and more of a accepting and dedicated individual.

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