Selfish Vs Selfless

Everyone is egocentric and selfish, it is important to be to some extent. CAS is a class where you learn to leave that at the door and try and benefit others, the result being a feeling of satisfaction that you were able to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This class is key to the healthy development of teenagers, at this time in pour lives we have the illusion that the world revolves around us whether we express it or not. Since I have started CAS I have not only learned to be less egocentric and selfish I have also learned to balance these two attributes within my personality in a healthy manner. I am selfish when need be and I am selfless the rest of the time (well I try to be). As a person I receive the most joy when I help others and see them succeed. This class has helped me expand this feeling and exploit it in a positive way. My consciousness may not have needed to shift a lot but the percent that it did has helped me become a better person. In our current society and the stage of life we are at it is important to all work together and help each other fix our global issues. In my case I chose plastic because it’s close to home, a global issue, focuses both on my benefit and the benefit of others. My proiect in specific has helped me find this perfect balanced between selfish and selfless. My project is still at the starting stages so it is moving slowly but its going in the right direction. THis week I announced about my project in morning meeting and sent out a message to local families asking them to help me. I have also been developing the script for my video and doing research on how I can create this machine. I am motivate and can’t wait to see what we as a community create in order to fix our plastic problem.

Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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