Possibly Getting Into Hl Math On Pamoja Continued

I got accepted into Math HL in Pamoja, after a long wait of a week. I was overjoyed that I got in and could start my journey of preparing for Computer Sciences, but there was another hitch.
I was already 2 weeks behind on the workload, as the class started on February 14th I think, but to make matters worse, my account didn’t work, so I couldn’t do any work.
I emailed Pamoja about this and they answered right away saying that there was a problem and that they are working on it, but it took another week to fix it, so I an now around 3 to 4 weeks behind on work, so I have some catching up to do.
Continuing on, the class that I am in do their IB exams in November, which is too late, so I will need to work during my Summer vacation to catch up with the class that started last year, and so that I can join them in September of this year and do the IB exams in May.
So all in all, I’m happy that I’m in, but there will be a lot of work ahead.

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