´´Too much egocentricity and selfishness are showing in our world. Humans need to make a major shift of consciousness to stop harming ourselves and our planet. ´´

Egocentricity is not being able to differentiate self from others. It being selfish and not caring about what others’ needs are. We all are all selfish. It is almost impossible for one not to be selfish at some point in their life. In certain situations, you will think about yourself before you think about someone else. Humans are programmed to act in certain ways because that’s our nature. We can’t go up against it in many cases. However, one can learn to control and make decisions accordingly. We can learn to put others needs before our own but it takes time and a tender caring heart. Humans should start learning to control selfishness, they need to practice empathy and open their hearts to reality. They need to understand that the world just keeps getting worst. Violence and hate aren’t hard to find nowadays. People could care less about others and our planet. The peaceful loving world everyone used to know is shattering and growing old quickly. Soon everything will become gray unless we all make a change.
I consider myself a very caring person that most of the time thinks about others than before herself. I wasn’t always like this though, I learned and still learn to become this person day by day. CAS has helped me a lot with this, it has opened my eyes even more to how cruel reality can be. It has taught me to appreciate everything I have, and learn to share it with others. It has taught me to make other’s happiness my own. Both of my projects are great when it comes to changing consciousness and learning to control egocentricity. The yearbook gets us involved in not only making our high school life wonderful and have many memories kept, but also making sure all students have a wonderful experience and memories as well. Also, we not only take into consideration our opinion in the yearbook, but we let the students get involved in the creation of the yearbook. For example, this year an 8th grader named Keylor will be designing the yearbook cover. We also make activities that will get all the school involved like games, tournaments, and opportunities for students to spread love and sweet messages through candy grams. Furthermore, we are paying for the scholarship students yearbook, meaning we understand their needs not only because Ashley and I are part of it, but because they need it and we care about them. Now, our Boston Exchange helps us as well. First of all, we had the opportunity to travel on a similar trip like this, and we want our community to have the same opportunity. We are understanding that for many people it is very challenging to travel because we all have different lifestyles. This is why we seek the same opportunities for all, no matter if you have low resources or if you are rich. We are all the same, and we should all have the same opportunities in life. So we will continue to strive and to work as hard as possible to make this a reality and to contribute and make a change in not only our community but the world. By inspiring others to do the same and creating a ripple reaction that will never stop.

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