How Cas Has Changed My Consciousness

First of all I want to say that I do agree with this quote because we as humans are currently living in a society full of hate, conflict, and of course, selfishness and egocentricity. These are characteristics that are and have always been part of us, however they have consumed us in a way that has left a negative impact, not just as an individual but as a whole. My entire life I’ve been able to watch news after news, talking about all the negative things that are happening all over the world and it’s something that is really hard and sad to grow up watching. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a peaceful country, where even though there is a presence of violence, it does not compare to other places in our world. Growing up in an environment filled with love and tranquility has helped me become the kind of person that I currently am. I will admit there has been times when I have been selfish and somewhat egocentric. I feel that these two are traits that everyone as humans are meant to have, but it’s our decision to whether or not have them be our main goal in life. We have to learn to use selfishness as a positive solution to certain situations and not as a way to criticize and affect other people. Our CAS projects not only for Melanie and I, but I believe that for that rest of the class, has been a way for us to avoid being selfish and egocentric. We are leading projects that focus on helping our community, the people that most need our help, but it also serves a way for us to grow as students and humans. When it comes to our Boston Exchange project, I feel that it’s the project that uses less selfishness. This was created to give a life changing opportunity to Cepia students that might’ve never been able to visit the United States or meet new people from a very different culture. And another reason to why in no ways we are being selfish or egocentric is because as we were able to receive this opportunity in the past, we wanted to pass this to the teenagers from our community that with this opportunity, it could change their way of seeing life and have a positive impact on them and their families. However on the other hand, the Yearbook project could involve some sort of selfishness as we are the ones that are creating this book. In some situations, we will be decided based on what we want and like instead of what everyone else wants. But I feel that for this reason is that we have a yearbook committee with students from different grades, in order to listen to what they each have to say. Some aspects that don’t evolve any sort of egocentric for me is the fundraising that we have to do, either by planning events or selling ads, because we are doing this not only to pay for the inscription of the program that we use, but it’s mainly to be able to lower the price of the yearbook, along with being able to buy a yearbook for all of the scholarship students that are not able to buy one. For these reasons is that CAS is a perfect way to change our consciousness and our way of thinking, where we focus less on what we want but more on helping others and working to fulfill the needs of those who most need it.

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