In What Ways Does My Consciousness Need To Shift?

CAS helps with the idea of egocentricity by giving students who may not be influenced by lower income families an opportunity to connect with and see their perspective and issues that they may not even consider or think about problems these families go through every day. For example, finding clean or potable water way be a huge issue for some people, and as a simple as turning on a tap for others. In business’s, egocentricity and consciousness needs to shift from short term profit to long term benefits towards the planet. The invention of CSR along with the new generation of millenials has helped that, because both of them are promoting a companies that work ethically. This has caused companies to change the way that they have gone about their work ethic. This has actually caused a lot of companies that work with harmful products (whether that it to the environment, pets, or ourselves) to go bankrupt. Personally, I need to shift my consciousness towards being open to new perspectives and not just looking at my own side. This is something that I struggle with in TOK as well, and have been working on in the assigned homework.

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