Egocentricity And Selfishness In Our World

I personally think that my consciousness needs to change in the way of being more self aware. Which is funny because that sound selfish, yet I believe that by me becoming more self aware, of who I am, my actions, what I say, how I treat people. I can realize everything that I am doing and how it affects other surrounding me, weather it’s in a positive or in a negative way. Since little I have been a very open, energetic and social person who is not scared to say what they think (when in trust or just comfortable in general) which is for the most part a good thing, yet I would sometimes just say what I was thinking without the intention of hurting anyone, yet also without thinking. This brought me some challenges because I would say things that maybe people don’t want to hear or I would word it the right way, or I wouldn’t explain the fact that i was speaking in general and not towards a specific someone.
I have learned to control it throughout the years, even if that means to keep my opinions and ideas to myself; which is ok! It is not ALWAYS the moment to voice your opinion Camila (I say to myself ) there’s a right moment, time and place for things to happen and if I am hesitating about saying something because I know it might affect someone (even if that is not my intention) the it’s better to not say it or perhaps rephrase it in a way that I’m sharing my opinion but also showing that I respect others.
CAS stand for Creativity Activity Service, and service is the big one when it comes to our world. The point of Cas is to create a project in which people are using their creativity, personal knowledge and are participating or creating some sort of activity that serves, helps and betters a community, community member or just contributes to the world. In my case I am promoting confidence, self love, kindness, creative and self expression through a project in which kids can choose their own attire and express themselves fully through what they are wearing; this also connect to that fact that fashion is becoming such a relevant topic in our society, that if we learn to express ourselves and support others ideas rather than compete with them we can all feel confident within ourselves while also promoting general happiness.

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