How Does A Stakeholder Perceive The Youth Center As?

This youth center is as simple as it can be but also as challenging and different compared to any other businesses within the community. Our youth center is being developed and made to provide safety and entertainment for teenagers, this seems quite simple but there are a lot of different aspects and factors that go into creating this entertaining and safe environment such as making sure we have funds and enough money to provide the necessary needs: food, beverages, furniture, games, rent, electricity, etc… You can perceive the youth center as a simple, entertaining and safe environment that teenagers may want to go to, to have a fun time but when you take a look in the background and look into the factors that have been taken care of and what we have done to make this possible, you will finally be able to open your eyes and see how this youth center isn’t just as simple as it looks.

How might different stakeholders be affected by my project? (Use a stakeholder map to show the different stakeholders)

A stakeholder is an independent organization or person that has interest or has invested money and time into a business. In the category within a stakeholder, there are two types of stakeholder which are external and internal. External can be employees and owners and then internal are customers, suppliers, the government and others.


– KEEP SATISFIED ( Low interest and Higher Power): The government, the government has little interest in our business but have a high power over it, meaning they can put a stop to the development of this business/ project

– ENCOURAGE AND INFLUENCE (High Power and High Interest): The local council, the local council needs to approve that we can use the location in the building in order to build a youth center which is clearly for a good cause, the local council could also recognize that this youth center could be good for the local economy. The local council has high power and high interested because they should be the ones that we give most attention to and they need to be closely managed.

– MONITOR (Low interest and low power): Local companies, local companies the majority of local companies won’t be affected by the festival and they don’t have the power to prevent either way. If these companies complain about the youth center, spending a lot of energy communicating with these local companies is worthless because they have no power over our business unless these local companies want to help or are interested in investing or participating somehow.

– KEEP INFORMED (Low power and high interest): Local residents, local residents could be the customers, or could be people living around the youth center and question or doubt about why is the youth center here, what is the main point of it? They can have as much questions but they can’t do anything about the youth center, they can’t stop it from being built or removed.

Does my project, in any way, show favoritism or discrimination? Did it treat everyone in the same way and if so, how did I make sure that it did?

Now at days, there are many cases of discrimination, favoritism and hate in our world. My job as a student is to promote change within the community, I want to benefit the community from participating and entertaining themselves by joining our youth center which is a safe environment in which teenagers can be apart of to have a time in their schedule to enjoy themselves with their friends, meet new people from plenty of different cultures and learn from each other. We want to invite all communities from Costa Rica, wether they are from Europe, Africa, Asia, Northern America, Southern America; this is one of the main goals as a youth center, we want teenagers to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people from a variety of different cultures and learn from those cultures which can help them in the future. Here are the major potential benefit of our youth center Cultural experiences, Community involvement, Social interactions, Variety of Cultures, Safe and friendly environment and New faces. As a youth center, we are trying to promote cultural diversity, we are offering a global cultural experience through entertaining ad meaningful activities. We want to expand these teenagers knowledge base upon what there ways of thinking of culture, these teenagers will learn from others and extend how they view the world through activities while learning from each others cultures. Favoritism and discrimination aren’t factors and ways of thinking that the youth center wants to promote or have within there environment, we don’t want to have those factors be apart of our center. The main purpose of this project is to easily expose the diverse youth of Costa Rica through offering a global cultural experience through activities, meaningful engagements and games that will enrich and diversify their mindsets through a variety of cultural experiences. Involving activities such as connecting the youth group through social interactions.

Does my project promote development of my character within myself or my community?

My project promotes and projects a few characteristics within my character and my community because I don’t just want to show that I am the one that has created this project and it’s made by me! I didn’t create this project on my own, I’ve had the help of so many people, so we all include our own ideologies into this project which then benefits the community. If there’s a project or an assignment I’m extremely interested in, I will dedicate myself into as much as I possibly can. This project will show dedication and commitment and will project the amount of work that has been put into the youth center. As a team, we don’t just want to put in our ideologies and ways of thinking into this project but we want the communities opinions on what do they think about our project? What are the major benefits they see out of this project? What can be added to this project in order for it to be successful? We want our communities point of view as well, there opinions and their interest matter a vast amount because those are the people we are trying to allure into being part of our project. As a team, as business owners, as stakeholders we don’t just want to implement our ideas but we want the communities opinions and ideas from their perspectives which is why it’s our job to meet up with a few people from a variety of communities within the province and interview them upon the topic of our project, what do they think? and what needs to be added or improved for it to be successful? Once we have all these different ideologies and opinions, we can apply those ideas into our project to allure these people’s attention and presence into our center. If we solely apply our ways of thinking then it’s worthless; we need the communities ideas wether it’s a specific video game or what specific furniture should we have? It doesn’t matter what it is, we just want to know what our future customers want in order for them to entertain themselves because that’s the main purpose of our project. Alluring teenagers into participating and entertaining themselves at our youth center with their friends.

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