Consciousness And C.a.s

My consciousness needs to shift because I am too stubborn, I believe in my opinion more than other opinions, and if it’s possible even to change my opinion, it takes time and effort. I can recognize this because I can see when it happens, when it comes to concepts that may seem obvious and simple to me like being pro-same-sex marriage and supporting abortion it is hard for me to be able to understand another perspective, how someone could believe anything else when these are fundamental human rights. I know that it is not the best thing to do because I am blocking out others and making myself seem like a selfish, egocentric person who is not willing to listen to others. I do not know why I am so hard headed when it comes to specific topics, but C.A.S has helped me with this.

Throughout my project, working with sexual reproductive rights and women’s health in a predominately Catholic country has definitely had to switch my consciousness. By being a person who has such liberal views hearing these women and their opinions and stories has taught me how not to judge and also how to understand these women without involving my opinion. It has shown me how it is possible to put aside you and your beliefs to help others who are in need. It has also taught me how I am not always right and that it’s ok. C.A.S helps with this by showing you another perspective, letting you meet new people and teaching you to express yourself continually in a way that you leave room for others to do the same.

Created By: Alexa Toman, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: IUD PROJECT

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