4th grade lesson – March 8, 2022

In order to teach the 4th graders how to properly reflect on their trimester, I created a poster with four areas of improvement that I personally related to. I started by drawing an image that would be visually appealing to the kids as well as providing them with something to remember my lesson with. I explained each section of my mindmap separately. I started by mentioning how it related to me and then provided a couple of ways that it may relate to the fourth graders in order to give them ideas and clarification. After presenting my poster, I walked around the room and helped any kid that was struggling. I first helped them identify a strength, and by using that attribute I would think about what they had to improve on by asking questions. Depending on the kid it took longer than others. Some were very stubborn and believed that they had nothing to improve on, others got distracted or wouldn't care to get their work done. It was definitely a challenge but having taught CEPIA for the past couple of weeks definitely helped me understand how to teach kids better.

Created By: Guanacaste Costa Rica

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