Close To Be Done/ Cas Changes Personality

This weeks has being very good for the project, even though the system looks the same a lot of work has being done.

Germination: Last week I planted to kinds of lettuce seeds in the germination center, after 4 days the seeds germinated and little lettuce are growing. The main objective since the beginning of the project has been to produce lettuce and other vegetables for the community. Du to the proximity of the the final phase of the system I started germinating to have everything ready to transplant to the aquaponic system. One of the biggest problems I was facing was the sun heating almost directly on the seeds, I solved this by moving the seeds to another area of the germination center, meanwhile the dirt is still getting dry but in a more gradual phase.

Pump: This and the fish has being one of the hardest thing to find and organize to get it in the system. Last week I had a meeting with Kim and he gave me huge ideas and told me that he is going to donate the pump before this friday. This are incredible news, because I need to make the system work as soon as possible.

Pipes: The pipe system is almost done I just need the last connections, I could not contact AMANCO which is the company where I buy the pipes. I call them more than 4 times and they did not answer. I got a possible donor which would like to donate money to buy the pipes, but I need to figure out the price first, I’ll do this on wednesday.

Ideas: Kim gave me incredible ideas to apply to the project system, he is going to help me with that. Before friday he is going to bring he trusted plumber to see what’s the best way to concrete the pipe system.

CAS has a huge impact on the personality and actions of an individual. Through CAS I have learned how to be a better person and how to apply my skills in the best possible way. At first It was very difficult for me but now after a while I feel that my whole internal personality have changed and this has help me not only on my academic life but also in my personal and social life. CAS is a program that changes lfes and and lifestyles.

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