For these past few weeks, we had a ping pong tournament which was overall successful but could have been more entertaining if more people had shown up to the event, and could have been planned in a more efficient manner which is what these past weeks have been all about. Focusing on brainstorming for new ideas and ways to improve terraza when it comes to recognition. What do we need to do in order for Terraza to be noticed and valued for it’s true purpose. Terraza has developed through extending it’s ideas and meaning, we are open to involving out of the ordinary activities such as CPR, opening a store within the youth center, starting a leadership group to educate younger teenagers about being a leader and the principle characteristics to obtain in order to be a successful leader and finally find ways to help the community meaning the fires that have been occuring in Guanacaste, Terraza wants to find ways to provide materials such as clothing, objects, furniture, elements that were valuable to owners that have been eradicated by the fires. Terraza doesn’t just want to be recognized for being a youth center but wants to be recognized for the inputs that it provides and the true purpose of why it’s part of our community. I have learned the principles of being a leader, how to prioritize aspects that important, how to time manage myself when it comes to this CAS project and other important assignments that are possibly outshining the importance of this project. However, throughout these past weeks, I’ve learned how to manage these differences in my academic workforce to prevent any misunderstandings or procrastination in any area of my academics. I have definitely grown as an individual by taking matters into my own hands, meaning learning on how to control certain aspects of the project, scheduling meetings, communicating appropriately, when an issue would come into place learning how to cope with it rather than freaking out. Me, as an individual I tend to stress a lot about the smallest elements such as upcoming assignments that need to be turned when I have other things I should be worrying about. Learning to cope and time manage myself within this project and outside is what has allowed me to grow as an individual. We have a dart tournament coming up on the 24th of March before spring break , which is going to be really exciting and entertaining, something terraza has never offered but because we are aware that they always super successful in other areas in Tamarindo, we’ve decided to test it out as a research and dev

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