The System Is Done!

These 3 weeks have been the best for the project!

The system is done! Kim help me finish it, he invested money and time on helping me develop this project, and finally, the system is done! Now we need to get the tilapias, but they are very hard to find in the area, the only place where they sell it is at CaƱas which is at least 1 hour away, and it’s very hard to go. Another factor is the least they sell is 50 which is too much for my project.

Earth University came to school! Do to an activity in the school Earth University came and they did a periurban garden, where recycled materials were used. I was helping them build the garden and I was talking with them about my project with them and they gave me some great tips. I am now in charge of maintaining the Earth-La Paz garden!

The project has grown a lot! First, we had the aquaponic system, then the germination center and now we have the Earth-La Paz garden.

This last week the idea is to give the final touches to all the gardens and then during vacation come at least 2 days per week to maintain the system working during this period of time.

This week I’ll start germinating the plants for the aquaponic system.

I will also send a card to Kim for all the help!

*Yesterday I checked the system and we got algae in the water! I talked to Mr. Sean and we are working on finding a solution (Probably blocking the sun)

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