What’s Going On With Us?

To be completely transparent, not much has happened with our project in recent times. Like most gardening endeavours, at a certain point you’re just waiting for nature to do its thing. The most noteworthy thing that has happened in the last couple of months was our Field Trip, which, for me, was a huge milestone for our project.
The reason I think that is due to it being the first step towards achieving our long term goal: To raise awareness to the issues of deforestation, and that even if we are not responsible for something, we can still help to fix it. Before, it was very much about making sure the Mangrove survived. Planting, watering, prepping, cleaning, e.t.c. Because for a while, that’s all we could do… Can’t send a message with a dead mangrove. Now that this first step is done, there is nearly infinite potential with this project!
Which is kinda frightening. It’s really hard to deal with something of this scale. Having a concrete goal; i.e making sure the Mangrove is alive; is a lot more easy to wrap your head around than “Get people to understand the importance of Mangroves and get those who don’t care about nature to do a complete 180”.
We have a lot of work to do, that’s for sure. But I am confident that if we take advantage of all this potential, we can make something truly special, with a (hopefully) impact on the world, or at least our community. Actually, scratch that. Even if one person who did not give half a damn about nature reconsiders their attitude, then I’d say it’s mission accomplished.

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