My Project Over The Past 3 Weeks

In the past 3 weeks my CAS project has had some progress!. First off I was super excited and grateful to receive a grant from the Wonderment, and so did some of my classmates for their personal CAS projects. With that money I went to San Jose with my family and bought all of the fabrics that I will need for the fashion show, I had all the names of the girls with their sketches and their specific fabric colors, and textures. It was a really fun experience and I am excited to what there is to come. The seamstress that is helping me with my project was supposed to come to take the girls’ measurements, yet she had a last minute emergency and unfortunately couldn’t come, but we already planned for her to come on the first week of school when we come back from break. Other than that I am very glad to say that once again I’ve successfully completed a FUNDRAISER! This past week I organized with the help of a 12t grade student Ananda; a spirit week! We organized this for the highschool Chirripo campus (9th-12th grade) and i plan to do it at the Tenorio campus next upcoming trimester. It consisted of a different theme each day, and the cost was 2000 colones for the whole week, this also included a bingo card. The bingo is student based considering all the prizes are things like a day out to lunch with a teacher, homework extension, quiz extensions… This was a very fun and successful fundraiser, yet I had to postpone the bingo to this upcoming week because the 12th graders and many other students want her on the day that it was supposed to be done. Yet it works out very well with my classmate Sam and his CAS project which is an all high school MUN. It’s happening this wednesday, and thursday and the bingo will happen during lunch time on Thursday. It will be a really fun activity to close the trimester off with and have fun with the community!.

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