This break has allowed me to brainstorm a lot about new ideas that can be applied to the youth center in order to for it to grow successfully. Ashley and I have met, and have further brainstormed more ideas that will allow the youth center to be recognized even more, we’ve decided that we want to create a leadership team, in which we will have younger teenagers come together and we will teach some of the principle ways to become a successful leader not just around others or in your workspace but for yourself. As a student, friend, sibling, daughter and youth center developer, I will project to these younger teenagers how I have grown throughout the process of the youth center’s growth and how I have become the leader that I am today. In order to become a successful leader, confidence is key, if you don’t love yourself for who you are, there will be a lack of motivation not just for yourself but will then have a ripple effect in your workspace. I have learned to accept my flaws and weaknesses, I have learned to strengthen them, and grow as an individual. Once that self-confidence is present, motivation will be easily accessed which is then reflected on your surroundings allowing progress in your workspace. For me, as an individual, I used to be very insecure when it came to presenting in front of others and being in the public eye, and the youth center is so public that announcements about upcoming events would have to be announced every week in front of a large audience which was really challenging for me at first, but as the youth center developed, I developed with it, as I learned to love myself and accept my insecurities, I knew I could face anything including public speaking, and once I faced my fear, I became a better leader. I want to project my experience and development of leadership during the process and growth of the youth center on this upcoming leadership team that Terraza wants to organize. This leadership team will not only see the true colors and the process of the growth Terraza but as well as teach young teenage individuals about the principles of how to become an effective leader around others. This leadership team will be organized by the end of April, and will accept and have anyone join. This will truly be life changing and will prepare students and teenagers for the future when it comes to the business industry and growth as an individual.

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