During this break, upcoming events have been thoroughly and deeply brainstormed, how can improve the advertising of our events, how can be get more people to attend our events? A lot of questions have been asked, as well as lot of answers are needed to be seeked. IB consumes a huge part of my schedule and it is really hard to time manage my academics with this amazing project. Marketing and advertising upcoming events as well as multiple due assignments that are needed to be done in time, how do I properly time manage myself, in order for these two important things can be successful? I have learned to prioritize wisely meaning prioritize the necessary things that need to be done before other assignments which then leads to banning procrastination completely because when there’s an upcoming event that needs to be advertised, marketing it three days before the actual event will not be successful for the event generally because it will lead to not many people showing up because it wasn’t advertised successfully. This has taught that I learn from my mistakes, and then strengthen the failures I have performed in the past. Eliminate distractions meaning when I am in the process of planning or organizing something, and I’m working on it with a classmate, I need to make sure to eliminate any sort of distraction which can lead to a lack of work that was previously needed to be done. This can happen when I am in the process of hosting an event at the youth center, some of my friends can show up to the event which can then lead to distractions such as side conversations, I need to remember to stay professional within my workspace. All these factors have previously affected me in the past, but during this break I have really thought about strengthening my time-management skills and have realized that these factors are needed to be taken into consideration in order to move forward not only within my academics but can be applied to the youth center. Some of the main events that have been planned during this break are the surf and pancakes event which consists of surfing in the morning for a few hours and coming back to the youth center as a group and cook pancakes for breakfast. This event went on for two days on April eleventh and twelfth. Another event that is coming soon is the movie night, this entertaining event will be taking place on April seventeenth, in which a movie will be hosted for younger teenagers to watch. Time management is key for success especially for the next year and a half in IB, it is crucial that I strengthen my time managing because I need to prioritize and know my goals not just in IB but within the youth center as well.

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