Flower Pots

This vacation I spent lots of time recovering from being sick which also meant I had some time to work on creative projects. We decided to work in our house, meaning we built, fixed and renovated. My main project was making flower beds that way we can have flowers and plants growing on our balconies.
We began the process by:
Measuring the length of our balconies and seeing how wide we wanted them.
Going to the local hardware store and selecting the type of wood we wanted and got it measured and cut out.
Purchasing nails and hammers and then coming home.
We then got going; we got my brothers and a friend to help us start building.
We matched up the piece and began nailing them together; throughout this process, we did have some issues with the nails being too thick, but we were able to solve that with wood glue and other tools.
Once we finished all four boxes, we returned to the store to get white paint and brushes; we made sure that we got waterproof and paint that acted as a wood protector that way it wouldn’t be damaged and would last longer.
Our next step was to let them dry and bring them to the rooms, that way we could prepare to plant.
The following day we went to the Vivero to pick up soil, fertilizer, and bougainvilleas so we could plant.
When we got home, we planted and then they were done.
Doing this simple project was a great way for my family to bond and spend time together at the same it was an activity that we all were having fun with and were able to get our hands dirty. Being sick for so long this was the first activity that I did, and it was an excellent​ way for me to get moving again.

Created By: Alexa Toman, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: IUD PROJECT

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