During the break, I had the privilege and opportunity to travel to Patagonia, in South America. While I was there, I spent a great deal of time outdoors and hiking, some of which was the hardest I’ve ever done. One hike in particular, over 26 kilometers of trails, stuck out in particular. The hike, called the ‘Base de los Torres,’ was a combination of flats, forest, river, and a 2 kilometer stretch straight uphill that was exposed to freezing wind and rain. I hiked this with a total of 14 people, including 2 guides, my sister and father, and 9 other people that stayed in the same eco camp that we did. The hike was an all day activity. We left at 8 am, and returned a little after 5 pm. The next day, we were all extremely sore and exhausted, but all of us felt accomplished and happy that we’d done it. Overall, I think it was an extremely valuable exercise that helped me start to realize my limits, and that I can push myself further than I’d thought possible.

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