During vacations I always try to stay active no matter what. This goes from working out, to doing activities with my family or simply going to the beach. I will admit that this break I didn’t do as much workout as I wanted to but it’s something that I am trying to improve. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything that is considered active. At first I did some exercises such as sit ups, squats, push ups, among others and I also started using jump ropes which is something that i’ve always loved and it does get you sweating and feeling stronger. But I didn’t continue to do these that much. What I did do was walk a lot, mostly when I went to the beach with my family. One of the longest walks was to Conchal as it takes a while to get there, specially since I went to the other side of the beach. Another day I went to Flamingo with my friend where we swam and had a fun time. Now for semana santa or Easter week, two family members came to visit us. We went to the beach several times and the day we went on a trip to different beaches I unciosuly did something that I realized I do all the time. Each time we went to a different beach, I picked up at least one piece of trash that I found while walking around. This is an action that I feel has grown on me to do without even thinking about it and I consider that everyone else should do it, because it’s not hard, it won’t take time away from your day and you’re simply helping our planet stay clean even if it’s the smallest piece of trash. I think that us, the ones that live on the beach are more conscious of this problem in comparison to people who live in the city, specially in Costa Rica. And it should not be this way, everyone should be well aware of the amount of contamination that trash and plastic contributes to which is why everyone should pick up trash/plastic if they see it no matter where you are. This week, I realized that the number of signs located on the beaches have been increasing, with the purpose of raising awareness among the people who visit these places, as well as the locals of each community. Maybe it is seen as something small and not so effective, however they are there to remind people of the global problem that we are facing, and from there we expect that people share and pass on that action that contributes to the change we are trying to make.

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