What Is My Impossible?

This project is more than just exciting, valuable and important to me, this project has had such a huge impact when it comes to me growing as an individual and gripping on too new important learning outcomes. Throughout this trimester I haven’t just learned the basics of running a business but I have learned on how to work as a team and how to make people happy. I want to share my experiences of creating this project to our community, so they can be fully aware of how amazing and beneficial this project is to our communities. Every November, a CAS night is taken place at a restaurant in Tamarindo called Seasons but this year I had the idea of having CAS night at our youth center. I want to invite every parent and friends to join and enjoy an amazing night, get the chance to listen to how we got to where we are and a full tour of our creation, the youth center!

My main plan is to focus on the basics of what’s going to be needed to be provided at first such as staff, food, furniture, beverages, and other… The goal is to have every parent and friends well suited at our youth center and enjoy the night while learning through a diverse experience while listening to presentations. We don’t want to a boring presentation to be presented, but sometimes it becomes a little challenging to make a presentation fun and diverse if it’s important information that is being presented. We want to focus on marketing CAS night and how our youth center will be the location in which our CAS project presentation will be presented in. In order to get the word out, we need to make sure that we start advertising through social media platforms because social media is the main source of communication we use now at days such as facebook, instagram and snapchat. Our goal is to advertise this event in a way to allure the community into joining this CAS experience, we want to make sure that this won’t be just a presentation but will be a memorable night with the full experience, having our CAS presentation in our CAS project. Marketing will be the first step; the next step is to focus on how to get our staff? Pangas is a restaurant in Tamarindo that could be willing to help out. In November, it’s usually low season so pangas won’t be as busy. I can reach out to them and ask if some of there staff will be willing to help out for a good cause. If this doesn’t workout we can always look for volunteers within the community such as in our school, or staff from seasons which could possibly help us for one night. FOOD! We need to focus on getting food, I had the idea of having a buffet because ordering food at our youth center or just in generally within a small space with a large amount of people tends to become very hectic, so a better idea is to have a buffet in which parents and friends can serve themselves when they want before, during and after the presentation. For the food, we can ask parents to donate some food to us or we can ask for pangas to make food for us and we will be willing to pay for it. This CAS night will be a month after our opening, so we will already have a good amount of furniture but not enough for the amount of people that will attend our CAS night. We need more chairs and more tables for the event, we can always market and advertise on how we need to borrow some of the needed furniture for the event in order for everyone to be comfortable and have an enjoyable night at our youth center.

Motivation is key in order to succeeding, and before even starting this event I’m very excited. Excitement is what is going to drive me through these tough parts and get me to where I want to get when it comes to this event. This whole idea of having our CAS presentation in our CAS project sounds crazy and impossible already but very doable. Marketing will for sure be the main factor before we make this an event because people are usually aware that all presentations will be at seasons and are convinced that it’s more efficient if it’s there. We need to change that way of thinking and make our community think that this idea of having our CAS presentation at our CAS project is very exciting and will be a memorable night. Our goal is to allure the community into participating and be part of a fun experience through a diverse presentation at our youth center. Staff is a big part of this event because 3 people can’t be serving everyone in one night, so we will need the help of professional staff to be able to make this night possible and successful. It’s tough to make things perfect but that’s the goal for this night, I want to make sure that everyone that attends our youth center will be amazed and have an enjoyable night. I want them to see that so much hard work has been put into this project. Another factor that will be tough, is that for me as an individual I have hard times presenting in front of a large crowd because I want everything to be perfect and I tend to get very nervous, scared and when this happens I start to forget all the information. Before this event, I need to make sure that I have fully practiced and I’m more than just ready to present!

When it comes to this event, for it to be successful there are a lot of little jobs within the project that need to be taken care of. Some of these recognizable jobs are how to get the needed amount of food. We need to make sure that the amount of food that we have for the event will be sufficient for every individual that will be attending our event. We don’t to spend as much of our savings on food for one night so our job is to reach out to the community and ask if anyone is willing to make food or even donate some food for a good cause and if this happens successfully then here is a first step to making this event fortunate. Another small success is staff, we need to once again reach out to restaurants and tell them about our project and alluring them into helping out for a good cause. Once these small successes have been taken care of, a celebration can be some time off and time for myself and work on other important things that don’t involve CAS. After some time off, it’s time to get back to work and focus on getting everything done such as decorations, making sure the center is clean and prepared.

As an individual, I don’t usually enjoy or like working as group but in this project I’m learning on how to work as a team which is helping me grown as a person. It’s been scientifically proven that if you were work with a team, and use their support as motivation, this will lead you to success where as working individually could lead to success but not as efficiently then if it was with a group. Our youth center is a huge project that is being taken in place and it takes time to make it successful and to reach that success you need a support system that will motivate you to get there. Where do you find that source of support? Your team and who you are working with! I couldn’t of gotten to where I am without the support of my team members: Jade Imbert, Henry Rios, Ms. Amy Jacobs, Ashley Look, Carolyn Hermann and Kevin Hermann. These are the people I would like to recognize because they have not only been amazing team members and been a huge part of this project but have been the best support system in order for this project to be successful. Without their help and support, there would have been no way this project to be where it’s at right now. I have grown as a better individual with their help and have been taught so many new learning outcomes through this project with their help.

Some of the main skills and learning outcomes I’m gaining through the experience of this CAS project are marketing, advertisement is a huge factor when it comes to this project. We need a constant amount of donations because we don’t want to use up a lot of our money for things that are expensive such as furniture, food, and staff. During the preparation of this event, I’m learning on how to advertise efficiently in an alluring type of way and this could be useful for the future depending on what I want to pursue for my career. Communication! Through this project and this event specifically, I am learning on how to communicate in an effective way which is super important not just for now but future references such as for my social life and career. Communicating with the community such as parents, other businesses to cooperate and help out for this project, a lot of communication needs to be done to make this event successful. Team work is also a skill I’m learning as I move forward with this project and event because this process isn’t being completed individually, I’m working with a group and many other people and this is teaching me the main skills of how to work and endeavor with others which will be extremely successful for what I want to do in the future.

I couldn’t thank anyone enough to make this a possibility, I’m more than just thrilled to make this event amazing and unforgettable. The opening of our youth center will be the 27th of October 2018 which is in a little less than a month which is very exciting but very stressful because a lot of work still needs to be put into this project. Once this project is fully opened to the community, this event will be started to be prepared and taken care which will be a month later and it’s going to be more than just exciting to have the opportunity to have our CAS presentation at our youth center. Something like this has never happened before and to be able to be recognized to make this happen is crazy but exciting!

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